I’m Saskia Dooley, Interior Stylist with a style born from an individualistic way of working, blended with composition awareness. I started my career path with a degree in Film Production, which after a lot of soul searching led me to find my true passion for Interior Styling. I realised after a summer working as a Wedding Videographer, that filming just wasn’t for me! I always loved design and composition, I just misplaced it for a while and took some time to find the angle at which I was meant to take hold of it from.
So I enrolled on an interior design course, and loved every second of it.  Now the proud owner of a Diploma in Professional Interior Design, I have never felt more confident in myself, and my future goals excite me.

Homes are a reflection of the people that inhabit them, hence why I decided to create a portfolio from my own home, the ‘Half Filled House’. My creative launchpad, creating without boundaries, my experimental canvas – a place where I can explore new ideas without risking a client’s wrath.

My creative flair and an eye for detail is continuously transforming a stark house full of pure white, light-drenched rooms, into a stylish young home. The Half filled house was born the perfect embody of a clean and contemporary new build, and whilst that works wonders to maximise light and space, I am constantly deliberating how to stylistically add the perfect colour choices to this minimalist palette.

Will my half filled house ever be finished? One things for sure, I will enjoy the work in progress.

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