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Lustworthy Interiors

Aesop Stores

Design destinations each in their own individual way, beauty brand Aesop is never predictable, each store has an entirely different design created to make customers feel at ease.

The approach Aesop takes to store design is creative and inspiring. In a recent retail project, I took inspiration from Aesop ‘Stringapore’ and the first Düsseldorf store (both pictured below).

Millenia Walk, Singapore
In the Millenia Walk (Stringapore) store, coconut husk string, referencing the humble ball of twine with which Aesop wrap and detail their gift boxes was used to construct a dynamic whole-ceiling light fixture. The entire store is framed with meticulously detailed grids that suspend twine from the ceiling.
Grabenstraße, Düsseldorf
Designer Snøhetta created the Düsseldorf store to feel like an amphitheatre, using tiered shelving crafted to create a crescent shape around the edge of the room. The concrete sink is also reminiscent of a fountain.


I’ve selected more of my favourite of Aesop’s stylish stores below – is Aesop’s website dedicated to its retail projects, take a look and feel inspired.

Aesop Geneva

Aesop Melbourne

Aesop Paris

Aesop North Melbourne

Aesop Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Images courtesy of Taxonomy Designs

Lustworthy Interiors

This Cycladic Holiday Villa Interior will take your breath away!

Halcyon Villas, Naxos

The Halcyon complex comprises two individual villas and two suites which overlook the mountains of Naxos. They sit atop a hillside overlooking the rural farming landscape, located a short distance from Naxos centre and port.

Halcyon Villas put a contemporary spin on the country’s traditional Cycladic architecture, crafting a super cosy, practical, welcoming, enjoyable and comfortable environment. The property’s textural interiors combine cement floors with rough, exposed stone walls, concrete benches and contemporary furniture choices.

The living room and dining room open onto the terrace overlooking the swimming pool, but the real selling points are the bathrooms. Pared-back chic reaches its peak in the bare necessities vibe that the owners have created in each separate wet room. These bathroom spaces are unlike any I have seen before, the perfect zones to relax and become energised, whilst also capturing a picture of perfection. Their rugged concrete walls and floors are hardwaring and stylish, but also provide fully water resistant areas.

The main villa bathroom is a spa-style home sanctuary, complete with both a stand up and lie down massage shower.

An element of fun is brought to the main living area with a sunken area that transforms into a giant tub/indoor bathing pool. Far from the traditional bath this sunken design accessed via a doorless stair entry was the epitome of bathroom goals for my younger sister who loves nothing more than unwinding in a bubbly bath.

The designer has obviously considered the free spirit feeling we all feel whilst on holiday, and has incorporated a swinging chair to accompany the large main dining table.

The Halcyon complex shares a quaint swimming pool with views over the island, and outside dining area with large outdoor terrace complete with a bar & bbq for entertaining all guests.

Halcyon Villas provided me with the perfect slice of lustworthy interior inspiration whilst vacating. I am now more than inspired to transform my bathroom into a wet room and am trying to figure out where in the Half Filled House would be appropriate for a swing?!




Images curtesy of Halcyon Villas 
Lustworthy Interiors

How to live with a Swedish Concept Store Vibe

This minimalist Stockholm apartment is styled with intentional sparseness, resembling a spacious concept store. Situated in Östermalm, it was beautifully refurbished 5 years ago by Johanna Welander and Per Holmqvist. The property has come under my radar as it is currently on the market for anyone lucky enough to be buying in Sweden.

The interior honours Swedish style with cool concrete walls and open plan living. It’s one and only bedroom is located in a barrel vault at the rear of the property, and it showcases everything I’m aiming to achieve in The Half Filled House master bedroom. I just love the combination of concrete grey and feminine pink tones. The curtains add a layer of depth and great texture to the space.

 The owners are due great credit for creating the best possible use of this space that has no side windows, but is blessed with one of my favourite architectural features, skylights. This is an excellent example of when an open plan living design truly pays off.

The colour palette continues throughout the apartment and on to the balcony terrace, a little taste of bringing the indoors out!

Interested in buying, or even just viewing the concept store apartment? Details can be found over on Fantastic Frank. 

Lustworthy Interiors

The Marriage of Bold and Understated

Interior Stylist Amanda Koster is responsible for this statement example of great interior styling. The arrangement is a seemingly effortless example of styling but it just works, it’s fun and creative and I love how it turns a plain wall in to something extremely unique and playful. It marries the bold with the understated by picking unique items and trinkets that add personality and express character, then painting them this daring bold green colour. The blending of props with the wall creates a 3D element and plays with ideas of texture and form. The range of cool and tough items inspired by the past are given an eclectic twist by painting them.

I wouldn’t mind taking a seat on that chair to just admire the quirkiness of this distinctive idea!

Lustworthy Interiors

Höst – My New Nordic Birthday

The simple & modern, tasteful but minimalist styling at Höst is a timeless aesthetic that is New Nordic, and it’s got me daydreaming about how I can implement this style into my Half Filled House.

It is no surprise that Höst was winner of the worlds best designed restaurant at the 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. It’s simplistic and rustic design is confident yet understated. Norm Architects are the designers responsible for creating this rustic Scandinavian dining room, and I am just completely in love with it!

Excited to see the restaurant, I visited just before the end of lunch and asked if I could take some photographs of the interior design, which they more than welcomed. I then returned later that evening to spend my birthday meal, and I have to say that their New Nordic cuisine is just as delicious as the setting.

Höst truly is an enchanting environment, it’s muted timeless palette is beautifully textured by the exposed brick walls, stripped back concrete floors and recycled wood panelled ceiling.

A bright cosiness is created through various forms of light, industrial pendants, vintage lamps, a chandelier created from small clustered pendants, and of course candles. The soft glow of flickering candles presented in the loveliest of holders, (that I wish I could have taken home) decorate the tables, giving a romantic twist on the otherwise industrial lighting vibe.

Plants add further texture in the ‘conservatory’ zone of the restaurant, giving an organic aesthetic that is true to its rustic theme, and aim to bring outdoor living to an urban location.

The innovative menu is served on the restaurants own line of dinnerware, designed by Norm Architects for Menu. A selection of which you can find here.

Lustworthy Interiors

Dreaming of High Ceilings

This image is the work of one of my favourite Interior Stylists, Marie Olsson Nylander. I have serious interior envy over her personality bursting home, and this is her dining room. I am a particular fan of the huge angled mirror, placed on the floor. I love the way that the space is enhanced by it, giving reflection to the opposite wall, and another beautifully hung grand mirror. Marie makes great use of reflective materials in this room, glass and plastic add shine and reflection giving a light hearted, stylish relaxed atmosphere. The white flowing palette emphasises the mix of furnishings, which add contemporary charm amid classic architectural elements, such as the ceiling rose. This room fills me with a sense of grandeur of proportion, Marie has chosen big objects (Light fitting, Vase, Head figure, Mirror and The table) that produce an eclectic mix of styles, respecting both classic and contemporary styling to produce timeless eclecticism. I love the blush pink colour of the 60’s style chairs, they soften the drama created by the black tones of the table and industrial light fitting, bringing an attractive warming quality, as does the large reflective vase on the table. This dining room shows a beautiful blend of styles, combining materials of the past with a modern orientation, I just wish the ceilings were this high in my house!