Design destinations each in their own individual way, beauty brand Aesop is never predictable, each store has an entirely different design created to make customers feel at ease.

The approach Aesop takes to store design is creative and inspiring. In a recent retail project, I took inspiration from Aesop ‘Stringapore’ and the first Düsseldorf store (both pictured below).

Millenia Walk, Singapore
In the Millenia Walk (Stringapore) store, coconut husk string, referencing the humble ball of twine with which Aesop wrap and detail their gift boxes was used to construct a dynamic whole-ceiling light fixture. The entire store is framed with meticulously detailed grids that suspend twine from the ceiling.
Grabenstraße, Düsseldorf
Designer Snøhetta created the Düsseldorf store to feel like an amphitheatre, using tiered shelving crafted to create a crescent shape around the edge of the room. The concrete sink is also reminiscent of a fountain.


I’ve selected more of my favourite of Aesop’s stylish stores below – is Aesop’s website dedicated to its retail projects, take a look and feel inspired.

Aesop Geneva

Aesop Melbourne

Aesop Paris

Aesop North Melbourne

Aesop Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Images courtesy of Taxonomy Designs