This minimalist Stockholm apartment is styled with intentional sparseness, resembling a spacious concept store. Situated in Östermalm, it was beautifully refurbished 5 years ago by Johanna Welander and Per Holmqvist. The property has come under my radar as it is currently on the market for anyone lucky enough to be buying in Sweden.

The interior honours Swedish style with cool concrete walls and open plan living. It’s one and only bedroom is located in a barrel vault at the rear of the property, and it showcases everything I’m aiming to achieve in The Half Filled House master bedroom. I just love the combination of concrete grey and feminine pink tones. The curtains add a layer of depth and great texture to the space.

 The owners are due great credit for creating the best possible use of this space that has no side windows, but is blessed with one of my favourite architectural features, skylights. This is an excellent example of when an open plan living design truly pays off.

The colour palette continues throughout the apartment and on to the balcony terrace, a little taste of bringing the indoors out!

Interested in buying, or even just viewing the concept store apartment? Details can be found over on Fantastic Frank.