My first Christmas as a home owner and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating an elegant and laid back scheme. The Half filled house underwent its festive transformation on the first weekend in December. The smell of fresh pine in the air is what really makes a house Christmassy for me, so I was delighted to be picking my own for the first time. I kept my tree fairly simple and chose rustic wooden, metal, paper and matt black decorations that integrate with my usual style. The tree stood in a large bucket wrapped with hessian fabric in my attempt to create a hygee vibe.


I love crafting at Christmas time, so most of my decorations were natural and handmade. Green and Red are colours of the festive season, but not being a fan of traditional decorating I restricted verdant tones to some carefully arranged seasonal foliage. I gathered Holly, branches and fresh fir (much to my boyfriends disgrace), on a walk through our nearby forest. These were then used to decorate gifts. I added a personal touch to the simple white wrapping & brown paper packaging with handmade salt-dough trinkets and name tags written with a green calligraphy pen.

Foliage and pine cones were used to craft my handmade circular wreath. Delicate snowflake fairy lights provided a beautiful glow and welcomed guests to the front door of the Half filled house.