Redefining ‘Bog’ Standard

This is the room to have fun with, its frequented by almost all visitors and is small enough to be dramatic with. That’s why it was chosen to become an entire chalkboard room, or as I like to think of it, an openly visual guestbook. Now unfortunately I had to wipe off most of the recent messages for this picture. My sisters giant ‘Poo-ting’ comment didn’t really seem fitting as a portfolio snap!

Although it may seem intimidating, using a darker palette can make walls seem to disappear, and the Half Filled House Cloakroom is a prime example of this principle. I took time to figure out which tones work best with the natural light in the space, and decided on French Grey, which I have to say is both beautiful and smart. The French Grey base enhances the wood, leather and metal materials, drawing out the details and adding interest. Additionally, the door is painted the same colour as the walls, making the room look larger by blurring the edges. (TIP, This concept was actually originally a Georgian thing, therefore is a good idea in any period building.)

Nothing creates a satisfying sense of order like a perfectly styled shelf. Positioning the shelf at a higher level draws the eye-line up, creating the illusion of a secondary space. This concept subsequently makes the ceiling appear higher, and again the room larger. STYLING TIP, Display your books as styling elements for a timeless & practical look.

To truly appreciate the transformation, see the below before picture.