Dark and unexpected in my predominantly white home, I created a larder / pantry from my ‘cupboard under the stairs’.

After taking multiple trips in to said cupboard, to stare at my paint samples on the wall, I decided to use Farrow and Ball, Railings. It is a bold statement to make, but using a strong colour has a great impactYou should never be afraid to use dark colour on the walls, and ceiling for that matter as contrary to what you may think, using darker tones can actually make spaces appear bigger.

I decided to paint the entire area with the same colour, this meant no fussy paintwork, and gave the desired illusion of more space. Paired with wood and mixed metals, a statement room was created with an industrial theme in mind.

Metal and raw unfinished wood surfaces are key elements to make industrial work. I painted an IKEA chest of drawers with the same Farrow and Ball paint, leaving the raw unfinished wood top, and designed my own drawer handles using plumbers fittings – These add to the industrial look and feel of the room.

As the shelves attract attention, it is important I keep clutter to a minimum and only display the more attractive larder items. Whether or not I can actually keep this room tidy is another matter, considering it is also home to the Dyson, mop and clothes maiden (unattractive but necessary household items). Never the less, this room has set my standard for decoration and style in the Half Filled House, and I look forward to continuing to bring my visions alive!