A Table top shoot displaying Organic tea with fresh fruit and vegetables, styled simply with grid spacing in mind.


When new business venture T-OLOGY approached me to help build their premium brand image, I was more than excited at the opportunity to try my hand at food styling. With the owners of T-OLOGY keen to be involved, we had a fun day of hands on scene creating and shooting, as well as enjoying lots of beautiful tea!

The T-OLOGY teas are packed full of natural and organic flavours, which gave me the styling concept. Culinary props were used to break down and show the beauty and texture of the blend of ingredients in their natural form. The texture, colour and variety of Fresh produce presented endless possibilities to work with, and I’m really pleased with the images captured.


I’m super excited to see what the future holds for T-OLOGY, if anyone is interested in one of their subscriptions you can sign up here 🙂