The Concept

Having recently bought my first house I am fuelled with the task of filling it, and making it my home. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is just as fussy and style conscious about interiors as I am, so thankfully I won’t be filled with the dread of him suggesting we purchase a 3 piece suite!

I like a house to flow and for each room to be connected, but in a discreet chic manner, I’m not talking about an entire magnolia house here! I have been in deep thought about how to connect my rooms, whilst still allowing them to have their own unique style. I think I’ve cracked it though, and I’m sure you’ll see how in future posts!

I am deeply fond of ‘one off’ items and unique pieces, which usually means I end up customising shop bought products in order to capture my vision. I like each and every piece to be considered, for me it isn’t about filling a space it’s about loving every item.


Meet Damian – The Half filled house Mouse, and my favourite housewarming gift handmade by my Grandma