My Half filled house

My Half filled house

Chalkboard Cloakroom

Redefining ‘Bog’ Standard

This is the room to have fun with, its frequented by almost all visitors and is small enough to be dramatic with. That’s why it was chosen to become an entire chalkboard room, or as I like to think of it, an openly visual guestbook. Now unfortunately I had to wipe off most of the recent messages for this picture. My sisters giant ‘Poo-ting’ comment didn’t really seem fitting as a portfolio snap!

Although it may seem intimidating, using a darker palette can make walls seem to disappear, and the Half Filled House Cloakroom is a prime example of this principle. I took time to figure out which tones work best with the natural light in the space, and decided on French Grey, which I have to say is both beautiful and smart. The French Grey base enhances the wood, leather and metal materials, drawing out the details and adding interest. Additionally, the door is painted the same colour as the walls, making the room look larger by blurring the edges. (TIP, This concept was actually originally a Georgian thing, therefore is a good idea in any period building.)

Nothing creates a satisfying sense of order like a perfectly styled shelf. Positioning the shelf at a higher level draws the eye-line up, creating the illusion of a secondary space. This concept subsequently makes the ceiling appear higher, and again the room larger. STYLING TIP, Display your books as styling elements for a timeless & practical look.

To truly appreciate the transformation, see the below before picture.

My Half filled house

Daybed Design by Saskia

“Vision is the Art of Seeing what is Invisible to Others.”

For me Interior Design is a voice, a second language that translates personality. I like to do the unexpected, and in this instance the expected would have been a second sofa. The unexpected however, is the choice to incorporate a minimalist daybed in to the design scheme.

The artwork pictured depicts this theory, paired sympathetically with a palette based on nude tones. A curated collection of designs that are truly honoured to a maker, the handmade and designed daybed is perfectly complimented by the personally dried flowers. This is my craftsmanship.

A natural sophistication underlines everything I do, but so does an eclectic blend of raw creativity. My vision is to create a space that enhances my experience within it, and my involvement in the design of pieces within the space supports this concept.

My Half filled house

The Dark & Unexpected Larder

Dark and unexpected in my predominantly white home, I created a larder / pantry from my ‘cupboard under the stairs’.

After taking multiple trips in to said cupboard, to stare at my paint samples on the wall, I decided to use Farrow and Ball, Railings. It is a bold statement to make, but using a strong colour has a great impactYou should never be afraid to use dark colour on the walls, and ceiling for that matter as contrary to what you may think, using darker tones can actually make spaces appear bigger.

I decided to paint the entire area with the same colour, this meant no fussy paintwork, and gave the desired illusion of more space. Paired with wood and mixed metals, a statement room was created with an industrial theme in mind.

Metal and raw unfinished wood surfaces are key elements to make industrial work. I painted an IKEA chest of drawers with the same Farrow and Ball paint, leaving the raw unfinished wood top, and designed my own drawer handles using plumbers fittings – These add to the industrial look and feel of the room.

As the shelves attract attention, it is important I keep clutter to a minimum and only display the more attractive larder items. Whether or not I can actually keep this room tidy is another matter, considering it is also home to the Dyson, mop and clothes maiden (unattractive but necessary household items). Never the less, this room has set my standard for decoration and style in the Half Filled House, and I look forward to continuing to bring my visions alive!


My Half filled house

Edge & Sophistication in a Modern Living Room

The modern home is more flexible than ever before both in the way we live and how we decorate. As a stylist, I personally interpret materials in a more versatile way. Take the pictured copper sheet, more commonly used for kitchen splash backs, however in this instance a beautiful piece of artwork that works together with the manipulated cotton fabric to create a stand out installation providing edge and sophistication to a modern living room.

My Half filled house

Dining Room

The Raw Revolution

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

There’s no doubt that the kitchen-diner is the heart of the Half Filled House, which means it is ever more important to ensure I create a cosy and inviting space encouraging guests to mingle.

Wallcovering is Beige Berry finish by KABE Copenhagen, a beautiful subdued pink. The imperfect plaster finish was applied to the walls and ceiling with my own artisan touch. It is carried over the ceiling, to create a zoned dining area with a unique look. The scheme is made up of mixed metals: Statement Tom Dixon Cog & Beat bronze pendant light fittings were chosen for their rugged elegance, warmth and perfectly detailed craftsmanship.

As a former Film student & Visual Merchandiser I am very interested in the influence of fashion & movies on Interior Design, and am as likely to take inspiration from music videos & films as I am interior magazines. The Dining room colour scheme is inspired by an obsession with the colours of Kanye West’s full Runaway video, comprising of a muted pastel palette.

Designed for memorable meals, crafted by nature & refined for living – My rustic dining table takes me through from brunch to supper. I invested in this versatile dining table in the hope of it lasting a long time. Grouped with Real Good chairs by Bludot & Aluminium powder coated white chairs to create a 6 seating dining area.

A lot of my furniture and accessories are either made bespoke or bought to customise, the idea is to try and create a look that works for the Half Filled House, and isn’t just bought wholesale off the peg. The brass lamp shelf is handcrafted by the very talented man of The Half Filled House, and is my favourite piece in our home.

A stylish mix of accessories with a crafted feel were selected for this scheme. Nature is a starting point for a lot of my inspiration, so it made sense to include fruit & flowers as styling elements. The red colour of the Apples really adds a pop to the muted scheme.

My Half filled house

A Handcrafted Christmas

My first Christmas as a home owner and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating an elegant and laid back scheme. The Half filled house underwent its festive transformation on the first weekend in December. The smell of fresh pine in the air is what really makes a house Christmassy for me, so I was delighted to be picking my own for the first time. I kept my tree fairly simple and chose rustic wooden, metal, paper and matt black decorations that integrate with my usual style. The tree stood in a large bucket wrapped with hessian fabric in my attempt to create a hygee vibe.


I love crafting at Christmas time, so most of my decorations were natural and handmade. Green and Red are colours of the festive season, but not being a fan of traditional decorating I restricted verdant tones to some carefully arranged seasonal foliage. I gathered Holly, branches and fresh fir (much to my boyfriends disgrace), on a walk through our nearby forest. These were then used to decorate gifts. I added a personal touch to the simple white wrapping & brown paper packaging with handmade salt-dough trinkets and name tags written with a green calligraphy pen.

Foliage and pine cones were used to craft my handmade circular wreath. Delicate snowflake fairy lights provided a beautiful glow and welcomed guests to the front door of the Half filled house.